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About Chuck Burroughs

Chuck Burroughs was born in 1939 in the small town of Franklin, OH, one of three boys of a hard-working but strict father and a kind, meek mother. Chuck was born with severe learning disabilities, and by college age could read only at a third grade level. He gradually taught himself to read, and eventually attended college. "Is It All Right to be Human?" is the story of Chuck's life, his first book.

As a youth, Chuck attended the Presbyterian Church, until, at 19, he became infatuated with a girl whose father led a fundamentalist Church of God. He attended a number of devout Evangelical churches after that, most of which taught that all people were born with carnal knowledge and original sin, and had to constantly strive for perfection in God's eyes. Chuck spent much of his life sorting out how a God could allow humans to enjoy life and love, even sex - while asserting that they were evil to feel or enjoy these things. This struggle fed into his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which only gained power over him during his adult years. 

Chuck was fortunate while in college to meet, fall in love with, and marry the love of his life, Gail Hanson. Gail was his best friend and helpmate throughout, and after almost 60 years of marriage, she remains by his side.

Chuck's story tells about his struggles with learning processing disorder, depression, and other difficulties, to build a marriage and a family, establish a construction business and, eventually,  to share his life story with others. He has developed a kit of resource materials he shares with anyone he meets who is willing to listen to his encouraging story of overcoming seemingly unassailable obstacles, to find hope in persistence, courage, self-encouragement, love of family, and awareness of a higher power.

Gas Fireplace
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