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Helpful Ideas for Me and Maybe for You

In a few days, you will be able to purchase a copy of my book "Is It All Right to be Human?" on this web site, as well as at and

This book is the story of my life, and it's an interesting one! You'll know this if you've read the "About Me" section of this web site.

More about me another time; today I'm writing about you - at least, for you. Contained in my book is a list of 34 strategies I've used to help me through my difficult times. I'll bet some of them will be helpful for you, if you experience any of the challenges I've faced. Those include Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, anxiety, depression, dyslexia, and more.

To read up on all 34 ideas, you'll want to buy my book. But I'm going to share six of them with you here, in hopes you can get started on a path to "recovery". Here they are:

1. Words to stop OCD brain lock. How can I stop the rumination? One can spend hours, days, ruminating and thinking about one subject. Stop it - yes, I said stop it! Tell yourself: "Self - stop it!" Or you can simply say "Oh, that's just my OCD" and drop it. Try it. There are books out there that can help with whatever mental disorder you have. I recommend for OCD the book Brain Lock by Jeffrey Schwartz. There are many books on depression; one I read is called Transforming Anxiety, by Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.

2. Change the "channel" to new thoughts. Change the "brain channel" to a new subject or thought. Substitute some good thoughts. I use television or movies to refocus or change my channel. You might read a book. This helps a great deal to ignore the unwanted thoughts. Consider that the wind is blowing unwanted thoughts away. This will help you relax. The wind brings thoughts, and the wind carries thoughts away.

3. Write your story down. Write it on paper or use a computer. When you write your story, it is therapeutic, and it will help you bring forgiveness to yourself. Make an entry daily by writing a page or two. It is extremely helpful to bring forgiveness to yourself, and to others. It is why I have written this book.

4. Develop humor in your life. I started collecting jokes and learned to tell jokes from memory. I have about ten jokes that I tell. This took time and effort. At the Senior Learning Center group I attend once a week, I get a chance to tell one joke at the end of the session. Others also have the opportunity, but often it is just me. Laughing with others helps in so many ways. Give it a try.

5. Unconditional love from pets. I have had a dog from childhood, and still have a dog today. Most of them have been hunting dogs. My love affair with dogs has helped me greatly with my emotional struggles. Pets will give love to you at any time.

6. Learn to love yourself. If I am going to live, can I love myself? I developed my own ways of finding goodness in myself. Gardening gave me a feeling of accomplishment. Helping others continues to be so important. When others hurt you, work toward the goal of forgiveness. Be assertive in seeking help for your emotions. Accept yourself; learn how to make good decisions. It is all right to not be perfect. It is all right to fail. A plow horse goes slow and true and always makes it to the end of the field, then turns around and does it again. I am a plow horse. I have value.

The book will be available for sale July 15, 2021. Visit for more information or to purchase a book.

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